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Best Sportsbooks US / Jock MKT Sportsbook Review 2024

Jock MKT Sportsbook Review 2024

Sports Betting Online with Jock MKT

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  • Fun new product
  • Stocks meets sports
  • Six featured sports
Jock MKT DFS Bonus
T&Cs apply, 18+
User Reviews 10

Want to know what Jock MKT is all about? Then you’ll need to read our Jock MKT sportsbook review. Take a look below and learn more about this innovative fantasy sports platform!

Jock MKT basically mixes fantasy sports and stocks trading. Thankfully, it’s a lot more fun than it sounds and it’s got lots of contests for sports like the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and so on. Plus there’s even a pretty good promo to get you started. So keep reading to see what we discovered in our Jock MKT sportsbook review!

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Jock MKT: Pros & Cons
  • Innovative fantasy sports
  • Many cash contests
  • Handy welcome bonus
  • Safe and legal
  • Complicated for some
Payment Methods
Jock MKT (Bid Ventures, Inc.)
Available Languages
Customer Support
Email Support
Overall Rating
Rating follows
  • Bonus Offers & Free Bets
  • Usability, Look & Feel
  • Payment Methods
  • Customer Service
  • Licence & Security
  • Rewards & Loyalty Program
very good
"The website is really well designed and innovative. You can easily find what you are looking for and if at first someone faces some difficulty, ..."
Merlin J
Using for a short time
"Diversified means of payment, I liked the interactivity that the site has with its customers."
User Rating
10 User Reviews
5 Stars
4 Stars
3 Stars
2 Stars
1 Star
Last Updated on 08/07/2024

Bonus Offer - Deposit bonus found in our Jock MKT sportsbook review

We started our Jock MKT sportsbook review by seeing what kind of welcome bonus this fantasy sports provider had for new customers. So the good news is that we found a deposit match bonus that’ll boost your first qualifying deposit by 100% up to $100. This means that if you deposited $100, you would get $100 in site credit to use to enter the cash contests at Jock MKT.

Sounds good, right? So let’s have a closer look at how you can get this deal. First of all, it’s a welcome offer which means that it’s only available to brand new customers who have never signed up to Jock MKT before. Setting up an account is pretty easy as you just have to hit the Sign Up button and enter in your email, and then come up with a username and password.

Next it’s just a matter of verifying your account and then making an opening deposit of $20 or more. Doing this will activate the welcome offer and you’ll find that you have twice the amount of money to play with. Bear in mind that you cannot immediately withdraw your bonus funds and you can only make a withdrawal once you’ve played through the bonus amount by at least 500%. Still, it offers you an excellent introduction to this awesome fantasy sports site.


Usability, Look & Feel - Top apps and site found in this Jock MKT sportsbook review

You’ll love the overall look and feel of the Jock MKT fantasy sports platform. It features a smart and bright white, black and green color scheme and everything feels professional. We found that loading times were quick no matter how fast the live fantasy sports action was and we didn’t experience any glitches in the gameplay.

You can either play at Jock MKT via the browser of your computer or through the app that’s available for iOS and Android devices. Of these, we felt that the Jock MKT app was a little more intuitive to use. This is because it features a supremely user-friendly interface that makes it easy to join events and bid on players. Each player will be listed with details like their current bid and ask price, and it’s just a matter of hitting the price to have it added to your portfolio.

Everything is kept updated in real-time so that you can instantly see what payouts are available along with your current ranking. So for something like an NFL Thursday Market game, you’ll see your account details at the top with your final balance, total profit and your overall ranking. Then you can browse down to see the rankings of the other players along with their profit. Easy!

Payments - Is Jock MKT safe for making payments?

We found that it was very safe and secure to make payments to the Jock MKT platform. This is because the fantasy sports provider lets you pay via an ACH bank transfer through many US banks, and you also have the option of making deposits with all of the big credit and debit card brands such as Mastercard, Visa and Discover. We should also note that customers in some states may be able to make deposits with the PayPal ewallet.

Once you’ve decided how to make your deposits, you’ll find that your transactions should go through instantly. The good news here is that Jock MKT won’t charge you any fees for adding money to your account.


Withdrawals will usually be paid back to the same payment method used for making deposits. We found that all of our withdrawals were securely transferred within five business days of us putting in our payout request. Just remember that when it comes to making your first withdrawal, you’ll have to do it manually which means getting in touch with the Jock MKT customer service team. Once again, you shouldn’t be hit with any charges for making withdrawals from Jock MKT.

Customer Service - Ask Jock MKT how to bet and other things here

Customer support is a hugely important part of how fantasy sports sites operate and our Jock MKT sportsbook review had to account for this. After all, chances are that you might need a helping hand when using this innovative fantasy sports platform for the first time.

Thankfully, it looks like Jock MKT is a fantasy sports platform that truly cares about its customers. After all, the brand makes it very easy for you to send an email to the customer service team who’ll do their best to resolve whatever issues that you are having.

While there isn’t any kind of live chat or telephone support, we found that the email service offered us all of the help we needed. Plus there’s even a Jock MKT Discord server where you can get an extra level of help, and the brand is also available on its Facebook, Instagram and Twitter social media channels.

We should also mention the fact that Jock MKT has taken the time to create a wonderfully detailed FAQ. This offers you a massive amount of information about how the fantasy sports platform operates so that you’ll be able to see how IPO pricing works, what breakeven ranks are, how shorting works and so on. All of which should give you all of the help you need to make a good start at Jock MKT.

License & Security - Is Jock MKT legit in your state?

Now for the most important part of our Jock MKT sportsbook review. It’s essential to know that the fantasy sports provider that you’re using is legit and safe. After all, you will be playing with real money here and will also be providing Jock MKT with a fair amount of potentially sensitive personal information when you create your account.

So the good news is that Jock MKT is a legit fantasy sports platform. You can legally use its services across much of the US with the exception of a few states such as Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Iowa, Idaho, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia and Washington. Plus we should note that you have to be at least 18 years old to play at Jock MKT.

Elsewhere we can see plenty more evidence that Jock MKT is a site you can trust. This is because it offers a fully encrypted website that’ll be able to keep all of your data and deposits safe, plus there is a privacy policy that details how Jock MKT will look after your personal information. We also saw that the website features some responsible gambling tools which may be useful should you feel like your fantasy gaming is getting out of hand. All of which adds up to a legit, safe and responsible fantasy sports platform.

Rewards - No reward program found in this Jock MKT sportsbook review

So this is one of the parts of our Jock MKT sportsbook review where the fantasy sports platform came up short. This is because Jock MKT didn’t appear to have anything in the way of a reward program.

While this is a bit disappointing, we found evidence of some more deals for existing customers at Jock MKT. These included things like referral bonuses and some players may even be able to get some kind of first market guarantee. We’re hoping that Jock MKT comes up with a few more of these deals in the future.

Fantasy sports offer - A new kind of Jock MKT betting

So this is a fantasy sports platform which means that you won’t get any Jock MKT odds here, but you also won’t play in the same way that you may at other fantasy sports providers. Basically Jock MKT cleverly blends daily fantasy with a stock exchange meaning that you’ll trade shares of players and compete against friends to win cash prizes.

So what you do is to sign up to Jock MKT, check out the valuations of the players and then choose which players you want to include. Then you can make your bids and then watch the live action as the prices of your players either rise or fall. What’s best is that you can buy or sell based on their in-game performance.

While it might sound confusing at first, it gets easier. Plus the good news is that Jock MKT features contests for all of the big sports like football, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf and even NASCAR racing. Sadly there is no provision for Jock MKT UFC fighting just yet, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Prize pools - How much can you win on these Jock MKT betting lines?

The kind of prize pools featured at Jock MKT ultimately depend on what kind of fantasy sports competition you are playing. There are two kinds - Market and Contest - and both feature some cool real money prizes with guaranteed payouts.

The key difference is that the Market games let you buy in for whatever you want and cash out at any time whereas the Contest games don’t have this feature. Conversely, the Contest games have the same buy-in for all users and the same prize structure which isn’t necessarily true for the Market games.

So what this means is that with Market games you can buy in from anywhere between $10 and $10,000 and then either stay active under the end or cash out early. However, with Contest games, each player has the same amount of chips that are then counted at the end of the competition to determine what kinds of share you get of the prize pool.

Community - Friendly competition found in our Jock MKT sportsbook review

You might think that fantasy sports sites and stock exchanges can be pretty aggressive places, but we found that the opposite was true at Jock MKT. It’s a truly social fantasy sports environment here, and the whole aim of the site is to be playing against friends, rather than being destroyed by professional gamers.

We should definitely mention the fact that there is a Jock MKT Discord server that’s waiting to hear from you. Here you will get to hang out with hundreds of other fantasy sports fans where you’ll get to trade tips and strategies and, of course, brag about your latest win.

Conclusion - Top findings in our Jock MKT sportsbook review

We were seriously impressed with what Jock MKT has done here. It’s given you an exciting new way to enjoy fantasy sports and we think that lots of people will love the stock trading angle. While it might take some time to get used to the concept of trading players, it gets easier after a while, and you’ll soon find that buying and selling sports stars in real-time becomes almost second nature.

Our only criticism here was the fact that we could have done with a few more sports being featured such as soccer and MMA fighting, but on the whole, it’s an impressive start from Jock MKT. So sign up to this fantasy sports site and enjoy an innovative new way to play!

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Jock MKT sportsbook review FAQ

📱Is there a Jock MKT app?

Make sure that you read our Jock MKT sportsbook review to see whether this brand has any kind of app or whether you have to play here from your browser. We have seen no shortage of cool sports betting apps over the past few months such as the one found in our WynnBET review, and so our hopes are high that Jock MKT has given us something similar for fantasy sports.

🎁What do I get with a Jock MKT bonus code?

Be sure to read our Jock MKT sportsbook review to see what kind of goodies you get with the brand’s latest bonus code deal. We’ll identify what you have to do to claim this special offer and reveal any troublesome terms and conditions. Don’t forget that we also have a separate guide to the Jock MKT bonus code that’ll even give you lots of tips for putting this deal into action.

👮What are the legal Jock MKT states?

Read our Jock MKT sportsbook review to see which of the US states you can legally play at this fantasy sports platform from. The good news is that you can play at Jock MKT in many more states than those found in our PointsBet review. However, you will still need to be careful as not all US states are covered by the Jock MKT fantasy sports service.

💪What is the best Jock MKT strategy?

We couldn’t give you a Jock MKT sportsbook review without giving you a few tips for using the fantasy sports site. So just as our Virgin Casino review gave you some casino gaming advice, we’ll do the same for Jock MKT. After all, Jock MKT operates a little differently from some fantasy sports providers that you may have used before, so you’ll probably need all of the help you can get!

🏈Which football player stocks should I trade at Jock MKT?

Check out our Jock MKT sportsbook review to see how football player stocks work at this fantasy sports site. This will help you understand which football player stocks you should trade so as to make the most of all that Jock MKT has to offer. After all, Jock MKT treats football a little differently from the bets found in our DRF Sportsbook review, and our review is here to help you make the most of what’s on offer.

Overall conclusion - Key themes of our Jock MKT sportsbook review

We had a great time at Jock MKT and we think that you will too. Sure, it may take a little while to get used to the fantasy sports meets stock trading interface, but once you get the hang of it, there’s no going back!

Above all, Jock MKT offers you a fresh and innovative take on fantasy sports. Our favorite part of this was the way in which you can trade live and even exit events early while still getting a good return on your investment.

Elsewhere we found that Jock MKT has all of the trust features you should expect and that its customer support is friendly and knowledgeable. All of which means that we have no hesitation in recommending that you sign up to Jock MKT for a great new way to enjoy fantasy sports!

Underdog Fantasy DFS
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  • Most major sports
  • Big prize pools
  • Easy to play

User Reviews for Jock MKT

4.1/5 – 10 User Reviews
  1. Hard to follow

    well designed site

    it's a different way of betting and hard to follow. not easy for beginners
  2. excellent
    Barry B

    really excellently laid out and designed site. The way to bet is different but that makes it more exciting in my opinion

  3. not enough offers

    great design and exciting site

    not enough offers past the initial signup
  4. good welome bonus

    the sign up offer is really good and gives you the chance to figure out the site

  5. Really different
    Jeremy M

    a really different way of placing bets - a lot more exciting than the norm

  6. welcome bonus
    Brendan Carter

    innovative fantasy sports and not to mention the welcome bonus

    without paypal
  7. Funny

    A little challenging. The beginners bonus is good, and it has easy requirements, in my opinion.

    Need to offer more variety in payment offers

    the support is ok

  9. Using for a short time
    Merlin J

    Diversified means of payment, I liked the interactivity that the site has with its customers.

  10. very good

    The website is really well designed and innovative. You can easily find what you are looking for and if at first someone faces some difficulty, they will certainly get used to browsing and having fun on the site in a short time.


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Rating follows
  • Fun new product
  • Stocks meets sports
  • Six featured sports
Jock MKT DFS Bonus
100% up to $100
T&Cs apply, 18+
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