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Best Sportsbooks US / Gambino Slots Review

Gambino Slots Review 2023: Claim 200 Free Spins + 100k Free Coins (No Deposit)

Social Casino Gaming with Gambino Slots

Gambino Slots is no longer recommended by
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User Reviews 12
Gambino Slots Social Casino Facts
Social Currency:
Gold Coins
1 USD = 368000000 GC
Cashout available:
Daily Rewards:
Daily Login Bonus, Daily Bonus Wheel
VIP Program:
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If your favorite part of the online casino experience is the slots, then this Gambino Slots review will introduce you to a whole new aspect of playing slots online, with the focus heavily on the fun.

If you live in a state where ‘real money’ casinos are not available, then social casinos provide a valuable service. Additionally, if you are looking for one that has a wide range of games and plenty of fun challenges on the way, then you are likely to find Gambino slots might be exactly what you are looking for.

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Spiral Interactive
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Overall Rating
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  • Usability, Look & Feel
  • Mobile App
  • Payment Methods
  • Customer Service
  • Licence & Security
  • Rewards & Loyalty Program
definitely used to be better
"i think it definitely used to be better. It's gone a bit downhill from when it used to be really exciting and fun"
A Huillet
good for a social casino
"I think for a social casino it was good. I prefer cash casinos and poker but for something pretty social and fun it's good"
User Rating
12 User Reviews
5 Stars
4 Stars
3 Stars
2 Stars
1 Star
Last Updated on 30/11/2023

Bonus offer - getting started at Gambino Slots casino

With real money casinos, there is plenty of focus on the welcome bonus, and rightly so, as this is what gets your experience off to the best start possible. With social casinos, however, where there is no deposit to shape the size of your bonus, you might expect the welcome offer to be far more lackluster.

That’s not the case at all, with a generous 100,000 G-Coins (Gambino slots virtual coin of choice) given to you as you register, and a spin of a wheel increasing that further. As a social casino, there are no hoops to jump through regarding local legislation, age restrictions, or anything to do with a Gambino Slots social casino promo code or wagering requirements.

The other side of this, is, of course, that G-Coins do not have any value anywhere other than on Gambino Slots, and any jackpot wins are only given in G-Coins, so you won’t have the rather more pleasurable problem of making sure you have your details correct for withdrawing any winnings.

Gambino Slots already have a reputation for good bonuses, so the welcome bonus is not the only time you are given free G-Coins, but we will look at those in more detail later. Before we do that, this Gambino Slots review needs to detail the actual playing experience, because it might not be quite what you expect.

Usability, look & feel - a great experience in store at Gambino Slots casino

The first thing you will notice when landing on the site or downloading the app on Android or Apple, is that Gambino Slots bear very little resemblance to any ‘real money’ online casino you will have seen before. Some players might find this off-putting, but the vast majority of players, especially those who have plenty of experience with a real money casino will find it a refreshing change.

For new players, seeing everything piled in front of them in one go can be very intimidating, but there is none of that here, with a brightly colored and spacious layout making everything that is on offer easy to find. Your coin balance is at the top, and a simple click will bring up your profile details as well as options for increasing that balance by purchasing a pack of coins if you want.

The Gambino Slots ‘freemium’ model

This won’t be completely unfamiliar to anyone who has played an online game before though, as Gambino Slots is much closer to the many games that you can download for your phone or tablet rather than the type of operation we might have described in our High5 Casino social casino review. So, rather than having all of the games open to you from day one, they are made available as you play and you progress on from the four initially available to you after registration.

This might be something that is a deal breaker for some people, but this Gambino Slots review found it to be another refreshing factor that added something to the experience in comparison to other social casinos where the ‘free for all’ approach means that there can be little to aim for. This also makes navigating around the site effortless, with extra features only unlocking when you are fully au fait.

The Gambino Slots app

This makes Gambino Slots an ideal fit for the new or casual player, something underlined by the quality of the app, a feature that is often neglected entirely by other social casinos.  While the mobile version of the site is perfectly adequate for playing on the move, the experience is enhanced further by the app, with even tasks like buying more coins made into a simple task.

Payments - plenty of options for buying coin packages at Gambino Slots casino

As this is a social casino, this might be the point to remind you that you are buying coins, and not making a deposit like you may have done at a real money casino. We’ve mentioned this as the process here might not look like anything you have done before. Unlike a conventional online casino, there is no range of banking options, just ways to purchase as you might see at an online retailer, or when buying ‘extras’ for a freemium game you might have played previously.

These include MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Paypal as well as Google or Apple Pay if you have these on a mobile device. If the payment method is already set up, then you can buy coin packages in just a few seconds, with the coins showing in your account a few seconds after that. The packages on offer will vary from 480,000 G-Coins for $2.99 to 46m G-Coins for $99.99.

American Express

No withdrawals from Gambino Slots

Because of this set-up, there are no winnings to withdraw, so there is no validation or KYC to take care of, drastically cutting down on the number of things that might cause you to need customer support.

Customer service - what are your options at Gambino Slots casino

For that reason, customer support is a much more low-key affair than it might be elsewhere. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as this means that your experience of Gambino Slots is likely to be mostly trouble free. This certainly doesn’t mean that you are neglected in any way though, as there are various ways you can get help, or simply further information should you need it.

Your first port of call is, as it would be at a more conventional casino, the FAQ page which can be accessed from your account dashboard via a click at the top right-hand corner of your screen. This FAQ page is, as you might expect, a lot less extensive than you might find at a real money or even a sweepstakes casino because there are far fewer moving parts to the Gambino Slots process.

If you need to have a problem solved, though, you can contact Gambino using the email function next to the FAQ option on the dashboard. If you were expecting either live chat or phone support, neither are available, but with the small number of possible queries, you can expect email responses to be quite fast.

So, despite there being fewer options for help, there is less to go wrong, and therefore what you see will be fit for purpose, and it gets the thumbs up from this Gambino Slots review.

License & security - is Gambino Slots legit?

As a social casino, you would not expect to see a license displayed on the bottom footer of the site, or any of the awards or partnerships you would normally associate with that. This does not mean, however, that there is a complete free for all, especially when it comes to buying packages.

A glance to the top left of the address bar will show you the padlock symbol that indicates SSL encryption is in place. This means any details that you do choose to share with Gambino slots is safe, secure, and private.

Our usual check into the parent company of any operation found that Spiral Interactive is not listed on the stock exchange, and online feedback is broadly positive, even on well-known rating websites where people typically only leave an unprompted review if they are not happy. Overall, tour Gambino Slots review is positive and we are happy that there is nothing untoward about this operator and you can proceed with confidence.

Rewards & loyalty program - you won’t be a VIP but plenty on offer from Gambino Slots

As you might well have seen in our Fortune Coins social casino review, social casinos very rarely have a VIP or 4 loyalty program, especially if they are as far removed from a conventional online casino as Gambino Slots. Again, this difference can be viewed as more of a positive than a negative as there are plenty of other benefits open to players.

As you play on the small range of games initially, you gain experience points (as you might in a video game) and this, as stated earlier in this Gambino Slots review, opens up further slots for you to play. This activity also allows you to gain dice throws or other tokens to play sub-games that have prizes to top up your G-Coin balance. These are played alongside the normal run of games and are not tied into any of them.

You can also spin one of the G-Wheelz to get free G-Coins once a day, and your piggy bank also fills with G-Coins as you play, but opening that will cost you money, albeit at a massively discounted rate. With all of this on offer, there is plenty to keep the casual player engaged for the long term, which is something you cannot always say about some online casinos, be they real money or social operators.

Other benefits also include a strong presence on Facebook, where you can actually play if you choose, and enter competitions and events linked to the site, with an extra bonus on offer if you connect your Facebook account with your Gambino Slots activity.


The first thing that you will notice is that the slots on offer here all look like original games. This will bring some added originality to the experience but does have a slight downside when it comes to getting started. Because you can only access four games at the start, if none of them float your boat, you are stuck playing a game you don’t rate until you reach a level where the next game is unlocked.

Luckily, this will only be a problem for very few players as the games on offer to start with are quite generic so will have mass appeal. The quality of the gameplay is excellent, and loading is not an issue, even in some of the more graphically heavy free spins and bonus rounds triggered by your wins.

As you might expect, you can decide your own staking levels on these games or default to the maximum possible which increases as you progress through the levels. You can, in common with other online casinos, choose autoplay mode, but unlike online casinos, you will not find anything but slots, with blackjack and roulette missing from the roster.


As you probably know, social casinos use virtual coins instead of ‘real’ money, and Gambino Slots uses G-Coins. These are obtained in a variety of different ways, some of which we touched on in the main review section. The first of these is the starting bonus, and you can spin one of the G-Wheelz at least once a day for further top-ups. G-Coins can also be won by playing the side games which are unlocked as you win on the standard games, jackpots for these can be substantial as they can involve wheel spins for up to 1m G-Coins.

This merely extends gameplay on the site as G-Coins only have value on the site, and cannot be withdrawn or put towards further prizes. Of course, if you so wish you can also purchase packages of these coins, which can be bought at any time while you are playing on the site.

Product summary & conclusion

While this will not count as a ‘genuine’ experience to many players, for those looking for a free-to-play online casino, as a freemium game that has a wealth of slots and side games, it ticks every box. The short version is that while a small proportion of people will find this lacking, the vast majority are likely to be drawn to the fun variety of games and additional challenges and side games that are not typically offered by social casinos.

Social Casino Bonus
Social Casino Bonus
$25 No Deposit + 250,000 Gold Coins + 5% Rakeback
T&Cs apply, 18+
Get Bonus

Gambino Slots review FAQ

💁🏻 Is Gambino Slots safe?

While as a social casino, Gambino Slots does not need a license, you might be sharing personal and financial information, you will want to know if they are trustworthy. We checked this out as part of our Gambino Slots review, and by reading it, you can see everything we found.

ℹ️ Do bonus G-Coins expire?

Many welcome bonuses have expiry dates, however, some let you carry on playing. To see if you need to be concerned about meeting any deadlines at Gambino Slots, check out our latest review which has all the information you need.

✨ How do I get more G-Coins for free at Gambino Slots

While you can always pay for packages of G-Coins at Gambino Slots, the chances are that you would prefer to get them for free. By reading our in-depth and objective Gambino Slots review, you’ll be able to see all of the different ways our team of experts unearthed getting more G-Coins for free.

🔥 Is Gambino Slots available in every state?

The different legislation regarding playing slots online can vary from state to state, and to see where Gambino Slots fits into the picture, and if it is legal to play where you are, check out our latest Gambino Slots review.

💭 Can you win cash prizes at Gambino Slots?

Some social casinos have different elements that set them apart from the others, and this includes ‘sweeps’ social casinos where cash prizes can be one. To get the full story on what happens at Gambino Slots and to see if cash prizes are part of the deal, check out our latest review.

Overall conclusion - a thumbs up from this Gambino Slots review

There are many things to recommend about Gambino Slots, but the first thing we need to point out as we close this Gambinos Slots review, is that if you are just looking for a free-to-play version of a conventional casino, then this will not meet your expectations.

Aside from this, you cannot fault Gambino Slots as it appears to have set out to be something different and it has achieved that excellently. The progressive game structure will provide a great incentive to those that find other social casinos a bit ‘samey’ and the side games will stop the small range of initial games on offer seem too restrictive.

Overall, Gambino Slots gets the thumbs up from this review, especially because of the different take they have on the tricky business of creating a great social casino experience. Social Casino
Rating follows Social Casino Bonus
$25 No Deposit + 250,000 Gold Coins + 5% Rakeback
T&Cs apply, 18+
Go to Social Casino
  • Exclusive promo code: PROMOBOY
  • Stake Originals including Hilo and Crash!
  • Sweepstakes casino approved by Drake!

User Reviews for Gambino Slots

3.08/5 – 12 User Reviews


  2. Payment

    The bonus for beginners is quite significant. The site is very easy and intuitive, which makes everything more practical.

    could have more payment options
  3. ,
    caio rios

    Great starting bonus, makes it easy to learn how to bet. and not have big losses

  4. Perfect site

    Everything works well in this site, great service and options of bonus, excelent VIP program and good interface

  5. The site is good but can improve.

    The website and the app are very good.

    It should have table games to be more complete
  6. little diversity of games
    Ro Carrington


    It lacked to add many games in its catalog, mainly the poker that I like a lot.
  7. good for beginners

    I'm new to this online casino thing and I found the site to be very easy for someone just starting out. Highly recommend, especially for beginners.

  8. No Table games

    Decent amount of slots

    I'm a big fan of poker but couldn't see any tables to play at.
  9. its fine

    nothing out of the ordinary compared to other social casinos in my opinion

  10. stuck


    im stuck at their 4first games and i simply hated this limitation im supposed to be able to choose what im gonna play
  11. good for a social casino
    A Huillet

    I think for a social casino it was good. I prefer cash casinos and poker but for something pretty social and fun it's good

  12. definitely used to be better

    i think it definitely used to be better. It's gone a bit downhill from when it used to be really exciting and fun


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