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Fliff Coins: What Do Fliff Coins Do?

Last Updated on 14/05/2024

Kickstart your fun and free sports betting journey with the top social sportsbook in the US, Fliff. In this article, expect to learn more about Fliff Coins, how to get them and maximize them during gameplay to win exciting prizes.

Founded in 2019, Fliff has quickly become a popular social sportsbook platform that brings players together as part of a community. You can use our bonus code FLIFFPLAYERS, to get a welcome bonus of 600,000 Fliff Coins. Our detailed review below will guide you on how you can win Fliff coins and how to use them. You will surely discover veritable information as you read on.

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What Are Fliff Coins?

You must be wondering what Fliff Coins are. They are nothing but an alternative to real money. Fliff coins are the in-app virtual currency you can use on the Fliff platform. Fliff Coins don't have any inherent real money value and are used to play for fun. These virtual tokens are generated for free upon signup.

They are used exclusively within the app for gameplay and to make sports picks, climb leadership boards, and play against your friends on Fliff, without the need for real cash.

They are also used to boost your experience points. Fliff Coins can be gotten through bonus offers and also when you make winning picks or purchase them through the Fliff shop.

However, their value lies in unlocking a range of engaging features:

  • Upon registration, players will be given an initial allocation of Fliff Coins, this will enable them to start playing immediately without any monetary investment.
  • An in-app feature accessible to users is that they have the option to earn more bonus Fliff cash when they purchase additional Fliff Coins using real money.
  • It is important to note that users on the app have the opportunity to claim additional Fliff Coins periodically every two hours. This feature encourages continuous gameplay from the users and ensures a steady supply for your betting adventures.
  • Players on the Fliff app can win more Fliff Coins rewards for their skill and intuition if they can successfully predict outcomes in sports picks games. This involves them using their coins to make picks on various sporting events across a vast spectrum. Each accurate pick earns you coins, which propels you up the weekly leaderboards and unlocks exciting rewards along the way.
  • If a player is able to accumulate enough coins, like 1,000 = 0.10 Fliff Cash, it gives them the opportunity to enter exciting sweepstakes with the chance to win real-world prizes.

Fliff Coins offer a safe and exciting way to enjoy the thrill of sports betting without fear of financial risk. So, gather your coins, hone your predictions intuitiveness, and prepare for an exhilarating social sports experience with Fliff.

What Are Fliff Coins Used For?

Since Fliff is a social sportsbook, you cannot engage in any sports betting with real money on the Fliff app. So, what can you do with Fliff coins?

Fliff Coins serve various purposes within the Fliff platform, and these facilitate gameplay and enhance the user's experience. Despite the non-monetary value of the Fliff Coin, Fliff Coins offer numerous benefits and opportunities for players:

  • Currency for betting - Coins can be used as virtual stakes to choose winners of various sporting events across a wide range of sports.
  • Participate in tournaments - Players can participate in themed tournaments with specific criteria using their Fliff Coins. These tournaments test your knowledge and sports intuition.
  • Daily challenges - Coins can be used to complete daily challenges to further enable users increase their coin stash.
  • Earn Fliff cash - Fliff coins are used to earn Fliff Cash, which gives users entry into promotional sweepstakes that offer real-world prizes. Also, accumulated Fliff Cash can be played at least once to reach a $50 balance and unlock prize redemption eligibility for the user.
  • Refer friends - Users can invite friends using their referral code within the app to earn them Fliff Coins. This enhances the Fliff community growth and building initiative.

Remember that Fliff Coins are not real money, so you cannot change Fliff coins to cash of the real kind, but you can for only Fliff cash. This is because Fliff is a social sportsbook and strictly adheres to social casino policy. However, their use unlocks a world of social sports entertainment, leaderboard competition, and the chance to win real prizes through Fliff Cash sweepstakes. So, dive into the fun world of the Fliff app ecosystem, make strategic picks, and enjoy the ride!

How Much Are Fliff Coins Worth?

Fliff Coins do not hold any real-money value and cannot be redeemed for cash; nevertheless, winning Fliff Coins through games increases your Experience Points, and once you get enough XP you can use them to redeem gift vouchers.

Additionally, even though there is no way to change Fliff Coins to cash directly, you can redeem Fliff Cash for cash prizes. If you are wondering how to get Fliff Cash, well, collecting or purchasing Fliff Coins is one of the main ways to do so.

Fliff Coins come with various coin packages for players looking to top up their balance. Here, we will explore the various coin packages and how to get them.

  • 20,000 Fliff Coins -    $1.00 + 2.00 Fliff Cash
  • 100,000 Fliff Coins -  $4.99 + 10.00 Fliff Cash
  •  200,000 Fliff Coins - $9.99 + 20.00 Fliff cash
  • 400,000 Fliff Coins -  $19.99 + 40.00 Fliff Cash
  • 1,000,000 Fliff Coins - $49.99 + 100.00 Fliff Cash
  • 1,000,000 Fliff Coins (50% extra) - $99.99 + 150.00 Fliff Cash

How to buy Fliff Coins

Step 1

Simply visit the Fliff website or mobile app using your device.

Step 2

Sign in to your Fliff account through the Fliff website or mobile app.

Step 3

Once logged in, head on to the Fliff shop by clicking on the "Shop" icon on the bottom right corner of your screen.

Step 4

Once in the shop, you get to see various coin package options and prices to choose from.

Step 5

Next, choose your preferred payment method, such as instant bank transfer, credit/debit card, or Apple Pay (coming soon). This can be done by linking your account or entering your debit/credit card number.

American Express

How To Get Free Fliff Coins

Having Fliff Coins helps you make the best out of your social sports betting journey, and here are simple ways you can get Fliff Coins totally for free:.

Welcome bonus

When players sign up at Fliff, they are subject to receive a generous welcome bonus of 600,000 Fliff Coins to kickstart their gameplay.

Receive Fliff Coins for free as awards

Fliff makes provision for its players to receive awards of free Fliff Coins. When these free Fliff Coins awards are claimed, the players also receive 1.00 Fliff Cash. However, players are expected not to have any Fliff Coins in their wallet or any pending Fliff Cash redemptions.

Receive Fliff Coins for free when entering no-cost giveaway contests on the Fliff social media pages

Fliff organises no-cost giveaway contests, which players can enter by following instructions given on the Fliff social media pages, such as sharing posts or answering various game-related questions. Once qualified for entry, the player’s account is credited with Fliff Coins at the end of the contest.

Daily Coin bonus

Fliff gives out free Fliff coins daily and also every two hours. When players log in to their account, they are sure to receive free Fliff Coins to top up their balance.

Recieve Fliff Coins through winning picks

When players can place sports picks and win, they receive Fliff Coins as their reward. They can make picks on different sports offered on the Fliff platform.

Mail-in requests

Players can also get free Fliff Coins by sending a handwritten mail and sending it to the Fliff HQ. This is called the Free Mail-In Entry Method, which, in turn, they receive a designated amount of Fliff Coins.

Are Fliff Coins Real Money?

Fliff Coins are in-app virtual currencies at Fliff that are used to play for fun and, as such, do not have any real value. They are solely used in making picks, climbing leaderboards and amassing Experience Points. As much as Fliff Coins are not real money, there is a method of how to convert Fliff coins to cash, and this is possible by converting your Fliff Coins to Fliff cash that has real money value.

Fliff Cash comes at the rate of 1,000 Fliff Coins for 0.10 Fliff Cash and can then be redeemed for real money prizes.

How Can I Win Fliff Coins?

If you are on the Fliff app for fun and want to keep making your picks, you will need to collect more Fliff coins. Below are some ways in which you can collect more Fliff coins on the Fliff app:

  • You can purchase Fliff coins from the Fliff store
  • There are new Fliff coins that can be claimed every two hours on the app - you will find these coins in the Cashier tab
  • If you make winning picks, you will be rewarded with Fliff coins
  • Fliff sends challenges to users sometimes. If you complete these challenges, you will be able to win Fliff coins.
  • If you refer a friend and they spend a minimum of $5 on the Fliff app, you will receive Fliff coins as a reward.

What Is the Difference Between Fliff Coins and Fliff Cash?

Fliff cash is another social currency by Fliff, which it offers in addition to the Fliff coins. Other apps like Fliff, such as Fortune Coins also offer two different types of social currencies.

Fliff Cash is similar to real money value on the Fliff platform and can be redeemed for real cash prizes. You must win a minimum of $50 in Fliff Cash to be able to withdraw it for $50. The value of Fliff Cash is the same as the value of a dollar. Redeeming your Fliff coins for Fliff cash is one of the most common ways to get Fliff cash on the platform.

Fliff Coins, which are also alternate virtual currencies at Fliff, are used solely to play for fun and have no real money value. They can not be redeemed for real cash prizes but can be used to win more Fliff Coins when you make winning picks. They can also be purchased, whereas Fliff Cash can't be purchased. Fliff Coins can also help you garner more experience points and can also be used in climbing leaderboards, competing with friends and entering challenges for rewards.

What’s The Backstory Behind Fliff?

Before we dive into the details about the Fliff app and coins, aren’t you curious to know the backstory behind this popular social sportsbook? Fliff was founded by Mario Dodev and Matt Ricci, in 2019. Since its inception, the Fliff platform has fundraised and continued to grow in both features and users. Today, it is one of the most sought-after social sportsbooks in the United States. It is currently legally available in 49 states across the US.


Fliff coins and Fliff cash are both social currencies that can be used on the Fliff platform. We hope from this Fliff review, you now have a clear understanding of how to win Fliff coins and how it is different from Fliff cash. To play Fliff on your phone, you can download the app from your respective app store. Time to get started.

Social Betting Bonus
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Fliff Coins FAQ 

💲What are Fliff coins?

Fliff Coins are in-app virtual currencies used at Fliff, which have no real money value but are used only to play for fun. They can be used to make sports picks, climb leaderboards, boost your Experience Points, and play against your friends.

📈What do Fliff coins do?

Fliff Coins can be used to make sports picks, increase your Experience Points, climb leaderboards, and compete against your friends. Fliff Coins can also be converted to Fliff Cash.

💰Is there a Fliff app?

Fliff is a social sportsbook and has a lot of fun and interactive features. Fliff app boasts to be among the best when it comes to social sports betting. It comes with a well-designed user interface, which is very easy to navigate, taking your sports betting experience to a whole new level.

❓What can you do with Fliff coins?

Fliff Coins are used solely to play for fun and have inherent value, but they can also be used to make sports picks, climb leaderboards, enter challenges, gain more Experience Points, and compete with your friends.

💵How to covert Fliff coins into cash?

Unfortunately, Fliff Coins can not be directly converted into cash but rather can be converted to Fliff Cash, which has real money value and can be redeemed for real cash prizes.

👨‍💻How to Use Fliff Coins?

You can make use of your Fliff Coins by simply making a sports pick on your favourite sports, and when your pick is correct, you are rewarded with more Fliff Coins for making a winning pick. You can also use Fliff Coins to enter challenges to stand a chance of being rewarded.

😕What is the point of Fliff Coins?

Fliff Coins are in-app currencies and thus are used to play fun for gamers who do not want to make picks using real money like in traditional sports betting, thereby having fun without risking their money since you have to make any deposits before you can play on Fliff.

💰How much is 1000 Fliff Coins?

Fliff Coins don't have actual real money value but can be converted to Fliff Cash at the rate of 1,000 Fliff Coins for 0.10 Fliff Cash.

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