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Fliff Cash Explained: How Does Fliff Cash Works and How to Get It

Last Updated on 18/06/2024

Have you ever wondered how the Fliff cash on the Fliff app works? With its launch as a social sportsbook platform, Fliff has made a good number of changes to its sports betting landscape.

The social sports betting platform has an app with virtual currencies of different value. One of them is Fliff Cash.  Read this guide from our team of experts to find out how Fliff Cash works, how to get it and how you can make use of this virtual currency to win exciting prizes on the app.

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What Is Fliff Cash?

Fliff Cash is a form of virtual currency that is given to players who sign up on the Fliff app. It is similar to the sweepstakes coins that are given to players on other other apps like Fliff, such as and WOW Vegas. Fliff cash is used to play in Fliff’s sweepstakes mode and holds a monetary value, creating an opening for players to withdraw cash prizes once they cross a threshold. Fliff Cash can not be bought but can be earned through random allocation, redeeming bonuses, and winning games.

One Fliff Cash is equal to $1.

Is Fliff cash real money?

Fliff Cash is a social currency that holds actual monetary value. It is not real money intrinsically, but it can earn you some real money. The virtual currency holds a monetary value, and by gathering up Fliff Cash, players will be able to cash out once it gets to the minimum threshold of $50.

How To Get Free Fliff Cash?

As we have mentioned, Fliff Cash is not a currency that you can buy readily on the Fliff app. Since it can not be bought, you must be thinking, “How do I get free Fliff Cash?’ There are different ways through which you can rack up Fliff Cash, and here are some of them.

Welcome Bonus

When you sign up for a new Fliff account, you get the opportunity to claim your welcome bonus, which typically includes about 600,000 Fliff Coins plus a 100 Fliff Cash bonus. This is a quick and easy way to get started with stacking up your Fliff Cash without having to spend any money. However, there are terms and conditions applied, which you might want to check out to better understand Fliff operations.

Win Picks

One of the most rewarding ways to earn Fliff Cash is by winning picks. When you use your Fliff Cash to make picks on games, you will earn additional Fliff Cash if your picks are correct. The amount of Fliff Cash you can earn depends on the odds of your picks and how much Fliff Cash you wager.

Refer Friends

Refer your friends to Fliff, and you will both earn a bonus of Fliff Cash when they complete their sign-up task and make their first purchase on the Fliff app. This is a great way for you to share Fliff with your friends while earning some extra Fliff Cash in the process.

Complete Challenges

Occasionally, Fliff offers players challenges that can earn them Fliff Cash upon completion. These challenges do vary in difficulty, and they are usually relatively easy to complete.

For example, a recent challenge required users to make 5 weekly picks predicting the outcomes of games, such as the winner of a basketball game, the score of a football match, or the performance of a specific player in a baseball game. Fliff also runs regular contests and promotions where you can earn Fliff Cash for completing tasks or achieving certain goals. These tasks can vary, but they often involve playing games or referring friends to Fliff.

Social Media Giveaways

Fliff frequently hosts giveaway sessions on their social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook as a way to enhance the Fliff community building. To qualify to earn Fliff Cash giveaways;

  • Download the Fliff app on your mobile device.
  • Complete your profile registration.
  • Follow Fliff on their social media handles.
  • Participate in their routine giveaways to stand a chance of winning free Fliff Cash.

Purchase Fliff Coins

While players cannot directly buy Fliff Cash, they can buy Fliff Coins that can then be used to make picks. If you make winning picks, it will increase your Fliff Cash in addition to your Fliff Coin winning. There are varying packages that can be gotten at different prices. Here’s a breakdown of the packages that Fliff offers.

  • $1.00 Fliff Coin Package: Earn up to 2 Fliff Cash + 20,000 Fliff Coins
  • $4.99 Fliff Coin Package: Earn up to 10 Fliff Cash + 100,000 Fliff Coins
  • $9.99 Fliff Coin Package: Earn up to 20 Fliff Cash + 200,000 Fliff Coins
  • $19.99 Fliff Coin Package: Earn up to 40 Fliff Cash + 400,000 Fliff Coins
  • $49.99 Fliff Coin Package: Earn up to 100 Fliff Cash + 1,000,000 Fliff Coins
  • $99.99 Fliff Coin Package: Earn up to 150 Fliff Cash + 1,000,000 Fliff Coins (50% extra)

Loyalty Rewards

Fliff may occasionally reward you with Fliff Cash for being a loyal user. This could happen for a variety of reasons, such as being a long-time player on the Fliff app, making a lot of picks, or adding to the Fliff community by referring a lot of friends to Fliff.

As you can see, collecting Fliff Cash is a long game and one that requires you to strategize. The more you use your Fliff Cash to make winning picks, the more Fliff Cash you will receive.

Fliff Cash Vs Coins - How Are They Different?

Fliff has two forms of virtual currency available on the platform with different functionalities. The first currency is the Fliff Cash, and the second is the Fliff Coins.

First, Fliff coins is reserved mainly for gameplay and does not hold any monetary value. They are used mainly to make sports picks on the Fliff app and also increase the XP points of a player on the app by placing winning picks. They can be purchased, claimed on the reward tab, or through successful picks.

On the other hand, Fliff Cash is the counterpart that holds monetary value, having one Fliff being equal to $1. It is used in the sweepstakes mode and cannot be bought, but can be gotten as a form of bonus or by entering social media giveaways. Unlike Fliff Coins, Fliff Cash can be redeemed. Before redeeming, the player has to meet the stipulated rules and requirements.

Fliff CashFliff Coins
It can not be purchasedIt can be purchased
They are used for the sweepstakes promotion modeThey are designed specifically for fun gameplay
They have actual monetary valueThey do not have monetary value and can not be converted to cash
Fliff Cash can be redeemed to get cash prizesFliff Coins can not redeemed for cash prizes but can positively affect the XP of a player

Fliff Cash Vs Betting With Real Money

Fliff Cash is a virtual currency that is made available on the Fliff app for players who want to partake in the sweepstakes promotional mode. This social currency, regardless of having monetary value, is not real money. There is no financial risk involved with Fliff Cash as it is not subject to market conditions but exists solely for the gameplay on Fliff.

Fliff Cash can not be purchased, however, when you sign up on the platform with Fliff promo code, there’s a chance that you will receive Fliff Coins along with a reasonable amount of Fliff Cash. Also, making use of Fliff referral code gives players the chance to earn some Fliff Cash, which can be used for games with redeemable cash prizes.

On the other hand, betting with money on a real sportsbook involves the financial risk of both gains and losses. Fliff Cash is open to users on the app, but real money is under strict regulations. Making use of real money in online casinos is against the law in some places, and the same goes for Fliff cash, but it is less strict.

How to Turn Fliff Coins to Cash

Fliff Coins is the virtual currency on the social sports platform that is designed for players to experience fun gameplay. A good number of players have wondered, ‘How can I turn Fliff coins into cash?’ and truth be told, you can not turn Fliff coins into cash directly. Although there is no way of converting Fliff coins to cash, you can use Fliff coins to get Fliff Cash.

This is because it does not have a direct actual monetary value. However, Fliff Coins can be purchased, and 1000 Fliff coins is equivalent to 0.10 Fliff cash, which is equal to $0.10.

How to Turn Fliff XP to Cash?

Fliff XP is the experience that players gather as they play the game consistently. Players can spot their XP with an oval shape on the app. They can be accrued by making picks and by participating in daily and weekly challenges. It is interesting to know that players can turn Flipp XP into cash. How?

After accumulating your XP up to 1000 points, you can exchange it for $10 worth of Fliff Cash. The accumulated experience on the app can be turned into cash after meeting the requirements involved.

How to Redeem Fliff Cash

Players need to amass up to $50 before they can redeem Fliff cash as real money. Redeeming Fliff Cash as real money is possible, but it takes up to 30 days, and the minimum threshold is $50 through Skrill and other Instant/standard bank transfers.

Apart from redeeming Fliff Cash as real money, players can use it as an entry system for different prize draws and raffles, including special events and promotions. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to redeem Fliff Cash as real money:

Open the Fliff App

Launch the Fliff app on your mobile device. If you haven't already installed the app, download it from the appropriate app store and sign in to your account.

Once you're logged in, navigate to the "Redeem Fliff Cash" section of the app. This section shows you how much Fliff Cash you currently have, as well as the available Fliff cash withdrawal option. Checking your Fliff Cash helps you to confirm that you meet the minimum cash-out threshold.

Enter Redemption Details

Follow the prompts to enter the necessary details for the redemption, such as the amount of Fliff Cash you wish to convert into real money and your preferred payment method. Some apps may offer options like PayPal, bank transfer, or gift cards.

Confirm Redemption Request

After entering the required information, review your redemption request to ensure accuracy. Double-check the amount of Fliff Cash being redeemed and the payment details you've provided.

Submit the Request and Await Processing

Once you're satisfied with the redemption details, submit your request. This action typically initiates the processing of your redemption request by the Fliff platform. After submitting your redemption request, wait for the Fliff platform to process your request. Processing times may vary depending on factors such as the platform's policies and the chosen payment method.

Receive Payment and Confirm Receipt

Once your redemption request has been processed and approved, you should receive the corresponding payment in your chosen payment method. This payment will represent the converted value of your Fliff Cash into real money. After receiving the payment, confirm that the funds have been successfully deposited into your chosen payment account. You may receive a notification or email confirming the completion of the transaction.

What can I use my Fliff Cash for?

You can use your Fliff Cash for a number of different things on the Fliff app. Remember, unlike Fliff coins, Fliff Cash has actual monetary value and can be used to win more tangible prices on the Fliff app.

Here are a few things you can use your Fliff Cash for:

  • You can use your Fliff Cash to play different games and make picks on the Fliff app. If you win, you will be given more Fliff Cash.
  • Your Fliff Cash can be redeemed for prizes. However, the minimum limit for the redemption is 50. So you need to have 50 Fliff Cash before you can request to redeem it for cash.
  • You can also use your Fliff Cash to win other exciting gift cards from popular brands on the Fliff app.
Social Betting Bonus
Social Betting Bonus
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Conclusion - Get playing at Fliff today!

We hope this article helped you understand all the ways in which Fliff Cash can be useful to your gaming strategy on the Fliff app. Fliff Cash has actual value and can be redeemed for prizes on the Fliff app. You can download it for mobile devices on either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Fliff coins to cash FAQ 

💰What is Fliff Cash?

Fliff cash is a form of social currency that is given to players on the Fliff app. It has monetary value and is like Sweep Coins on other social gaming platforms, and it can not be purchased.

📈Is Fliff Cash real?

Yes, Fliff Cash is real. However, it can only be obtained from redeeming bonuses, random allocation, or as an additional reward that comes when a player buys Fliff coins.

💻Is there a Fliff app?

Fliff has an app that is available both on iOS and Android. The app has a good interface with intuitive sliders and thumb widgets that allow for a good user experience.

💰How does Fliff Cash work?

Fliff Cash’s functionality is different from Fliff Coins. It is used in Fliff’s promotional sweepstakes mode, has monetary value, and can be redeemed for cash prizes. You can not buy Fliff Cash the same way you buy Fliff Coins but you can earn them when you purchase Fliff coins. You can learn more from Fliff review.

💲How to Withdraw Fliff Cash?

Fliff cash is similar to real money value on the platform. However, players can withdraw Fliff cash via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Maestro when it has crossed the threshold of $50. By clicking on the “Redeem Fliff Cash” section on the app, players will be able to withdraw.

🤑How to buy Fliff Cash?

Players can not buy Fliff Cash, but it can be gotten in the form of bonuses.

📱How much is Fliff Cash worth?

1 Fliff Cash is equivalent to $1. Fliff Cash has a reasonable worth because of its monetary value

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