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Betting Terms & Meaning

Betting terms explained

Welcome to our latest guide of betting terms explained! Here, you’ll pick up all the terminology required to make the most of online betting. There’s plenty to get through and there is no time like the present!

Our latest coverage will get you up to speed with terms with what it means to be the dog. Or, why one team would gladly accept the title of being the chalk in an upcoming fixture. Our experts have been around the block, and then some. As such, all you need to do is keep reading to find out more!

Our latest guide - sports betting terms explained

You might be wondering, “is betting legal?” and if not, why you should even be reading the latest betting terms explained guide. Well, betting is legal in various states across the US. The market of legal sports betting is on the rise. As such, you’ll find that more and more states are beginning to warm to the idea of a legal market for online betting. What this means is that you’ll be able to make the most of the latest platforms and betting markets. However, getting to know the betting terms & meaning is paramount to your potential success!

Our latest guide has been tailored in a way that it is easy to grasp and understand. We’ve included the most important terms that you can expect to come across on a daily basis. We have also added specific betting terms football so that all of you NFL fans can get in on the act at a moment’s notice! Our guide has been tailored for newcomers and experienced bettors – with the latter being able to pick up new-age terms and tips for online betting.

Sports betting terms for dummies - as easy as one, two, three

Without further ado, we bring you the latest coverage of the most important general betting terms. Be sure to understand what these terms mean so that you never have to scratch your chin wondering what it all means, ever again!

  • Across the board: A horse racing betting term which refers to three horse racing bets. These bets are on a horse to win, place, and show in a given race.
  • American odds: These are the odds and spreads that you are most likely to come across. American style odds are one of the three most popular odds formats. Odds and spreads are displayed as -110 and refer to the fact that you will win $100 for every $110 wagered.
  • Ante-post: Another horse racing term which refers to futures odds and spreads that are posted one day before a race (at the very least). You will come to find that ante-post odds are prevalent on the biggest horse racing events of the year.
  • ATS: Against the spread forms part of spread betting – where sportsbooks attempt to even the playing field. The favorite will get a negative points spread (-5.5) while the underdog will receive a positive spread of (+5.5). The favorite must win by more than 5.5 points while the underdog simply needs to lose by less than 5.5 points. It’s possible to bet on either team.
  • Bankroll: This refers to the real money funds that you have in your betting account. These funds are used to bet on sports markets.
  • Bonus: A bonus, such as a sign up bonus, is an offer that a sportsbook promotion provides you as an incentive to create an account with them. You can claim a matched deposit bonus (which is virtual funds that you can use to bet) or the best free bet bonus. There are a fair number of different bonus offers online.
  • Chalk: It’s one of the popular terms that refer to the favorite in any match-up.
  • Decimal odds: Yet another one of the three major formats where odds are displayed as 1.80. This tells you how much you stand to win for every $1 wagered (1 x 1.80 = $1.80).
  • Dog: This is shorthand for underdog and refers to a team or player which is less favored to win an upcoming fixture.
  • Each-way: This refers to betting on a horse to finish first or second in a race. A single stake amount is split on both outcomes. If the horse finishes first, the return is higher than if it finishes second.
  • Even money: Refers to a bet where the return is the same as the money wagered. Odds and spreads will be displayed as +100.
  • Favorite: You can easily spot the favorite when looking at American style odds. Any team that has odds/spreads with a minu sign (-120) will be the favorite in a fixture.
  • Fractional odds: One of the three main odds formats. Fractional odds are displayed 3/2. This means that you will win $3 for every $2 wagered.
  • Futures: Future bets are bets that can be made long before an outcome is set to occur. For instance, you can bet on who will win the Super Bowl before the season commences. Naturally, odds on futures are long but it’s also possible to realize a hefty return in the process.
  • In-play bets: Another term used for live betting. You can bet on different outcomes as a game is being played.
  • Limits: There are a number of different limits that you might encounter. Sportsbooks will have minimum and maximum stake limits. This is the total amount that you are allowed to bet. Otherwise, you’ll find maximum payout limits, too.
  • Moneylines: A bet where you are required to wager on who you think will win said game. All you need to do is bet on the moneyline odds of the favorite (-150) or the underdog (+300).
  • MVP: The Most Valuable Player is the player which has performed the best throughout the season. You can bet on the MVP as a futures bet
  • Over/Under: Also known as totals, this refers to a number that sportsbooks post relevant to the total number of points scored. You need to bet on whether the total score of both teams will be over or under the number.
  • Parlay: This is a bet which consists of two or more selections where each selection must-win for the entire bet to be successful. You can bet on three different NFL games and all three of your predictions must be correct.
  • Prop bets: This type of bet refers to betting deals that don’t have to do with the final outcome of a game. For instance, you can bet on how many yards a quarterback will throw in a game. Or, which player will post the most rushing yards. It’s an exciting way to keep a game interesting even if one team is bound to win.
  • Stake: A term that simply refers to the amount of money you have actually wagered on a bet.

Putting new-found betting terms to the test with the best operators

It’s great to know precisely what it is you are getting into when betting online. Knowing the latest betting terms in full will lay the foundation for your next betting endeavor. Now that you have a betting understanding, there’s no doubt you will be eager to put your knowledge to the test. After all, that’s why we’re all here, right? It’s a good idea for you to start betting on a platform that has proven its worth time and time again.

With this in mind, you can use our latest coverage of the top sportsbook in the US to do so. Naturally, each of you have different preferences. What we aim to do is provide you with jumping off point. From here, you can navigate across these different platforms with the ability to compare and contrast with the best in the business. We feel that it’s a great idea to put your betting terms insights to the test on a platform such as Caesars, BetRivers, or BetMGM. The interface is easy to use and you’ll be sure to find the markets that you love to follow and wager on.

Tips for using betting terms & meanings - take charge of your online betting approach

We are always looking at ways in which you can enhance your online experience. With the latest betting terms & meaning under your belt, it’s time to set your sights on actually making the most of online betting opportunities. You can do this by using our latest tips.

For instance, it is important to find the right sportsbook for you. Make use of our latest sportsbook reviews so that you are able to find the best possible platform to bet on. It’s important that you consider your own betting preferences in the process. Plus, we urge you to always claim a useful bonus after signing up. This will boost your funds and enable you to bet with freedom. Lastly, we would be remiss not to mention that you should always keep learning!

Conclusion - betting terms explained

In conclusion, we hope that you have found value in our latest guide on betting terms explained. There is simply no way around it but to get a firm grip on what these terms mean. Once you have, as we hope is the case, then you will come to find that it is possible to start betting with more acumen and confidence. Always keep improving on your betting terminology as this is bound to enable you to stay in the thick of it all.

We hope to bring to your attention that our latest betting terms explained guide is not the only resource on offer. Our experts have worked tirelessly to ensure that you have access to a range of different guides, such as is betting illegal, and reviews relevant to the US betting market. If ever you feel unsure of yourself, simply check in with us. You’ll be able to put all of your uncertainty to rest.

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Betting terms & meaning FAQs

❓Is it important to know betting terms & meaning?

As is the case with knowing are sports betting apps legal, it is also vital that you know betting terms. If you don’t understand what different terms mean, then you might be led astray. At the very least, you won’t know what you are betting on or doing in the first place. We recommend that you read our latest guide to betting terms explained so that you are equipped to start betting online in the US. There’s no need to feel left out in the dark.

✅What are the most prominent sports betting terms explained?

Naturally, there are certain betting terms which tend to be used more often than others. In the US, there are terms which have been adopted that are commonly used on all sports while you will also find specific terms for football betting, for instance. To make sense of it all, we recommend that you read our latest guide right here.

🔎Can I bet online without knowing sports betting terms?

Betting online without knowing sports betting terms is possible. Of course, you can simply bet on any market if you have an account and real money funds. However, you won’t be in a position to increase your chances of success. Betting blindly simply puts yourself at risk of losing real money in the process. Understanding different betting terms & meaning is vital if you wish to enhance your overall betting experience and chances of actual success.

🔐Which guides on football betting terms explained are reliable?

There are a plethora of football betting guides that you will come across online. This means you will never be short on resources if you are ever in doubt. But, please take note of the fact that a large percentage of these sites don’t necessarily provide you with reliable information. We urge you to make use of our latest guide so that you always know you’re receiving factual and up-to-date betting information.

🔄Do betting terms & meaning change regularly?

The standard betting terms have been around for some time now. It wouldn’t make much sense for the betting industry to continually change the terminology. This would only serve to confuse individuals and essentially cause a massive uproar across the board. However, this doesn’t mean that certain meanings evolve or change over time. Take a look at our latest guide to find out exactly what you can expect. Get to know the latest guide to betting terms explained right here.

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