Daily Summary - February 2

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All calculations are based on the following numbers. Scale accordingly.

Unit size:


Bankroll size:


February profit:


Check out each sportsbook by clicking the link provided! Most of this work is done in my free time after getting home from my day job as a teacher. Revenue from the signup links/codes helps me out a ton!

BetRivers is currently my favorite signup offer to recommend my followers - a 100% deposit match up to $250. I've had multiple friends/family who know nothing about sports redeem this offer and they've ALL made money. No risk at all - just use code PROMOGUY when signing up and 250MATCH when depositing! Pretty simple process, but feel free to DM on Twitter with questions.


CBB Parlay Insurance
Bet $25 on a 4 leg, +400 CBB parlay and get a refund in site credit if one leg loses!

MY TAKE: Make sure each leg is -200 or lower! This was an awesome promo for us in January, let's keep it going in February!

If you don't have FanDuel yet, check it out by clicking the yellow button below!


FanDuel Sportsbook


Oilers v. Capitals GIFT (Goal in First Ten minutes)
Goal in first 10 minutes of EDM/WSH boosted to +100! Risking $50 to win $50.

MY TAKE: I have been skeptical of this boost since its inception, but it has proven to be a very profitable bet. I'm comfortable putting the full $50 on it.
If you want to hedge, Caesars has "no goal first 10" @ +126. I'm letting it ride for the full amount.

CBB Parlay Insurance
Bet up to $25 on a 3 leg (4 legs in some states, check your terms and conditions) CBB parlay and get a free bet back if ONE leg loses!

MY TAKE: Go with heavy favorites for all but one legs of this bet and then a value underdog (I use OddsJam for this). Not as "risk-free" as the FanDuel parlay insurance, but this is great value. My pick is on Twitter @PromoGuyMI!

Various other promos
Unfortunately, DK seems to be moving to a highly-targeted promo strategy. Check Twitter for my thoughts on a few of the ones I've seen personally.

- GIFT Red Wings Game: I'd put $25 on this if I was targeted. Similar logic to what I said above ^

- NBA Game of the Week
--> Bet $50 on the Nugs/Jazz game (-250 or lower odds) and get $1 towards a free bet for each point scored by the game's leading scorer! This is a great promo. Must-bet if you're targeted.

If you don't have DraftKings yet, check it out by clicking the yellow button below!


Check out DraftKings!


Odds Boost (+80.4% EV)
Knicks, Nuggets, and Lakers all to win boosted to +1700! Risking $45 to win $765.

MY TAKE: This was a mistake line that was posted early in the day - it has since been lowered to +900. Do NOT bet this at +900! Fair odds are around that number.

NHL Odds Boost (+9.3% EV)
Red Wings ML + u5.5 goals boosted to +350!

MY TAKE: I am not betting this personally due to having already bet on Detroit (Firekeepers boost), but this is good value. Optimal bet size: 2.6 units.

If you don't have Caesars yet (besides PA/NJ residents), check it out by clicking the yellow link below and using code "PROMOGUY" when signing up!


Check out Caesars!


Lions Boost (MI)
Minnesota Wild to lead after 1st period boosted to +165! Risking $26 to win $42.90.

MY TAKE: Ties lose this one, so Minnesota has to be up by 1+ goals for this to cash. I like the value here so I'm playing if for about half the max bet.
NOTE: I talked about various states' Lions Boosts on Twitter. Check out @PromoGuyMI to see what I said about your state!

If you don't have BetMGM yet, check it out by clicking the yellow button below and using code "PROMOGUY21" when signing up!


Check out BetMGM!



OddsJam is an awesome website that compiles live odds from every US-based and foreign sportsbook to find +EV spots, middle opportunities, and other valuable time-saving information. Check them out at the following link! oddsjam.com/?via=PromoGuy

Casino offers:

  • Check all books (mainly DraftKings and Caesars) for assorted casino promos

Follow along on my spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19rSq7CiQVd62F4iEX8ixp0wbSepKqvzjemc7rx8iWSc/edit?usp=sharing


Other sportsbooks:

BetRivers/Sugarhouse: $250 deposit match upon signing up. Use affiliate code "PROMOGUY" when signing up and code 250MATCH when depositing.

Twinspires: $1,000 risk-free bet + casino welcome offer. 

Firekeepers Blazin' Boosts (MI-only): these have been money lately. See Twitter for any potential plays.


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