Michigan teacher discovers a profitable betting strategy

Michigan, Sam Waalkes, Spanish teacher at Bridgman High School in Southwest Michigan, has cracked the code of legal sports betting in Michigan. Using a proven system of research, analytics, sports knowledge, and a little bit of math, he has been able to generate consistent monthly profits on the many legal sports betting apps that are available for download. With the recent legalization of sports betting and online casinos, Sam knew there was some money to be made.

This relatively new market in the United States is ripe for profit-making as each betting app offers enticing promotions designed to acquire new users. By signing up for every one of these sites, completing the respective signup offer, and continuing to provide value by analyzing daily odds boosts and promotions, Sam has discovered a whole new source of income.

"Sam has discovered a whole new source of income which has generated almost $30,000 in additional income for him this year!"

Profit by month:

Known as the “sports betting expert” in his group of colleagues and friends, Sam decided to create a twitter account in order to track his betting record, answer some frequently asked questions, and spread the word on this profitable venture. And so: “Promo Guy” was born (Twitter handle: @PromoGuyMI).

"I had been sports betting for years, starting in college with my roommate who really got me into it. Before it was legalized I kept track of everything because of my interest in sports and analytics, but it was difficult to actually place bets outside of a few friendly wagers with people I’m close to."

When sports betting was legalized in Michigan, I knew there was an opportunity for some serious profit. I was getting a lot of questions from people about the whole process, so I decided to make the twitter account. I absolutely love interacting with people online and helping them make money alongside myself!”

Sam brings consistent value to his followers by doing the math for them so that they don't have to, and posting the results online at promoguy.us and on Twitter. Learn more about his system for identifying profitable betting opportunities, how he determines bet sizing and expected return on investment ("ROI"), and other key information by clicking on this link!

To those who find this a bit too complicated, Sam actually shares all his calculations, picks, and bets on his Twitter channel using easy-to-grasp promo pick images. This way everyone can profit from his picks without having to break their heads over calculations and formulas and to make it even easier, there's also a simple step-by-step video guide on how to get started:

Let us boost your bankroll

  • Consistently make money using odds boosts and casino promos
  • Monthly profits of up to $4,000
  • Profits year-to-date: $wpDataTable with provided ID not found!

Let us boost your bankroll

  • Consistently make money using odds boosts and casino promos.
  • Monthly profits of up to $4,000.
  • Profits year-to-date: $wpDataTable with provided ID not found!.

Despite a slow beginning due to the busy-ness of the pandemic and demanding school schedule of teaching both online and in-person, @PromoGuyMI has amassed over 2,000 followers on Twitter; a number that grows daily as people recognize the value that he brings to the table.

Be sure to follow our twitter account for daily analysis, picks, and other information on how to profit from legal sports betting!

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